The basis of Londie's Character. Portrayed by Jemina Kirke

Londie Duval is the compelling mother of two who maintains a vitual role throughout the story. Not only is she adventurous and spontaneous but she is also wise and a comforting face. Admittedly she is one of my favourite characters in the whole fanfiction. She was loosley based off my favorite character in HBO's 'Girls' Jessa.

Early Life Edit

Londie Jeanetta Collett was born in the 14th November 1980 in her hometown Arlington Texas where she would remain for 21 years before moving to Littleton Colorado because of her love of snowy mountain leaks and mild heat. She got sick of the humidity in Texas so she decided to move to there with her boyfriend Paul who she would then marry a year after.

In her senior year of high school she was experimenting a lot with her boyfriend, intrigued by every sexual exploration. This unfortunately ended up in her becoming pregnant at 17. She didn't want an abortion as she believed she was old enough and would be 18 by the time of birth, out of high school and free to roam. Her family were all supportive, well expect her grandmother Susanne who insisted that what she did was a sin and that she should of waited til' marrige. Londie's response were two raised middle fingers and a shooshing of the door.

She seemed distant alot of the time but she was always there. She made a good parent and knew how to deal with the hate in order to protect her son. Which is remarkable considering how young she was.

Early Adulthood Edit

She felt settled in Colorado and took up styling and photography as a career proving very successful in that department, it relaxed her. Colorado was so fitting to her family, they all had something to cherish. Londie had her career, Paul had his catering business and Nick made a best friend at his preschool who later became Londie's favorite person. Late 2003 she and Paul became married making her no loner Collett but Duval.

As soon as she heard the news that Jeff (Nick's best friend) was being badly bullied she was not hesitant in getting involved and helping her 'other son' be safe. So her son and Jeff both transferred to a private school in Ohio midway freshman year. The Duval's and the Sterling's were all eager to move to Ohio as well, Londie always lived new experiences.

It really wasn't a suprise when her son came out and she didn't she it as an issue as neither she or her husband were homophobic in anyway.

Early Thirties Edit

In 2012 Nick turned 16 as well as Jeff and Londie found herself getting even closer to Jeff. They would always purposely force situations so they could interact with each other in someway, whether it be a 4:00am nature walk or just a cosy conversation on a rainy day cocooned in blankets.

When Nik began and Jeff started dating her offical statement was "It's about damn time!" Before she hugged both boys.

Hobbies Edit

She enjoys braiding her hair and sketching in her spare time. Many of her sketches are fantastical scenes or a new outfit concept. She always loved sharing her art with her son who also had a passion for expressive and imaginative art.

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