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This website holds all information about the story that stole away my precious beauty sleep. There should be not one thing missing. Please don't add to it! This was written by the author and I would appreciate that everything on here was 100% true. If I have missed something out or you have a question message me on here or

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Dreams Only Last For A Night is the untold story of the energetic blond, Jeff and his more reserved best friend, Nick who just so happen to have a false idea of their perception of each other.

I know it sounds like a pathetic romantic comedy and I want to physically annihilate myself for writing such a shitty summary but this story is more than a 'pathetic romantic comedy'. It deals with actual human issues and I like to believe that it portrays them accurately. Something a majority of TV shows forget to do, not pointing fingers at anyone *cough Ryan Murphy cough*.

Other characters have sub plots. Sometimes they relate, sometimes they don't, just like life.You will grow to hate and hopefully love some of them.

Considering RIB didn't really focus on personalities of those who inhabit Dalton I feel as though an OOC warning is unnecessary. Everyone has their own spin on things, their perception of eye. So feel free to frolic around this wiki carelessly and endlessly, who knows, maybe someday you'll find Narnia.

Katherine xxx

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